A. Full Time Faculty (Substantive)
S. No Name Date of Joining Designation Highest Qualification Teaching Interests Research Interests E-mail Mobile
1 Dr. M. Tariq Banday July 2003 Associate Professor and Head PhD Computational Electronics: Microprocessors & Microcontrollers: Architecture, Programming and Interfacing, Computer Organization, Design & Architecture, Embedded Systems Security and Forensics Digital Electronics, Digital Logic and Design, Simulation Tools. Programming Languages:Programming, Problem Solving, and Programming Languages, Embedded System Design Programming, Assembly Language Programming.Networking Data Management: Network, Internet, E-mail & Web Security, Internet of Things Data Structures and Database Management Systems  Network Security & Forensics: a) E-mail Security & Forensics, Classification, Spam Control, etc., b) CAPTCHA Challenges and Web Security, c) Cloud Computing and its Security, d) Memory Forensics.Computer Applications: a) E-learning, b) Social Media, c) E-Governance, e) Image Processing. Computer Hardware: a) Digital Structures & Design, b) Security in Internet of Things (IoT)   sgrmtb@yahoo.com (p), sgrmtb@kashmiruniversity.ac.in (a) 94 19548922
2 Dr. Farooq Ahmad Khanday May 2010 Assistant Professor PhD Principles of Electronic Circuits, Systems and Devices, Advanced Digital System Design, CPLD and FPGA Architectures, Mixed Signal Embedded Systems, CMOS circuit design: Analog and Mixed, Physics of Semiconductor Devices, Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications, Numerical Techniques,Object Oriented Programming, Active Filters: Theory and Design, Digital Signal Processing, Control system Engineering, Electronic Instrumentation,Digital IC Design, Solid State Devices, Basic Instrumentation, Semiconductor Devices and Network Analysis       Low Voltage Low Power Analog Integrated circuit design, Fractional-Order Circuits and Systems, Nano Electronics, Stochastic Computing, Low Voltage Reconfigurable Neutral Network Design, Biomedical Circuits and Systems farooqkhanday@kashmiruniversity.ac.in 9906653703
3 Dr. Shabir Ahmad Parrah 05-05-2010 Assistant Professor PhD Multimedia Signal Coding, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Digital Design Using Hardware Description Language(VHDL), Control System Engineering, Network Analysis and Synthesis, Power Electronics Circuits and Systems, Simulation tools, Electronic Circuits, Engineering Mathematics Multimedia Communication and Security, Image Processing, Information Hiding, Electronic Healthcare, Secure Communications, Steganography and Watermarking, Biometrics, FPGA based Digital Signal Processing, Digital System Design using Hardware Description Language, Nonlinear Dynamics and chaos. shabireltr@gmail.com 9596529991
4 Dr. Javaid Ahmad Sheikh 09-08-2010 Assistant Professor PhD Analog and Digital Communication,Wireless Communication including LTE, Digital Signal Processing including Random Process, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Microwave Engineering Wireless Communication, RF Engineering, Antenna Design, Speech Coding, Image and Video Transmission Over Wireless Networks, Green Communication Sjavaid_29ku@co.in 9419090554
5 Ms. Farhat Roohi 24-07-2003 Scientist C M. Phil Soft computing, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Advanced Engineering Maths, VLSI Technology, Opto-Electronic devices, Electronic Devices and circuits Neural Networks,Fuzzy Logic, Neuro-Fuzzy systems, Deep learning farhat_11@yahoo.co.in 9419074595
B. Full Time Faculty (On Contract)
6 Dr. Javaid Iqbal Reshi Assistant Professor (Contractual) PhD Fundamentals of Embedded systems, Real time C++,Internet of Things, Computer Architecture and Organization, Computer Networks, Analog Electronics
8 Dr. Mehboob-ul-Amin 05/06/2018 Assistant Professor (Contractual) PhD Digital communication,Mobile Communication,Antenna and wave propogation,microwave and EM wave theory mehboo1197@gmail.com 9622420895
10 Dr. Gul Faroz  Ahmad Malik Assistant Professor (Contractual) PhD Semiconductor Physics
12 Dr. Mubashir Ahmad  Assistant Professor (Contractual) PhD Semiconductor Physics
13. Dr. Baserat Gull Assistant Professor (Contractual) PhD Optical Communication