Welcome to the official Website of the Post Graduate Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Technology. The Department was established under the name "Post Graduate Department of Electronics and Computer Science" in 1985 and offered two-year M. Sc. Electronics and Post B. Sc. Diploma in Computer Applications. In 2003, a separate Computer Science Department was formed in the University of Kashmir. The name of the Department was accordingly changed to “Post Graduate Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Technology” and was offering two-year M. Sc. Electronics besides MPhil and Ph.D. programmes in Electronics. In 2009, the Department started offering 4-year B. Tech. programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering with an intake capacity of 41 students. The work-done by the Department in starting B. Tech. the programme proved the impetus for the University to start its own Engineering College at Zakura Campus, which started its functioning in 2014 with initial equipment support for Physics, Chemistry, Electrical, Mechanical and Computer laboratories from the Department. It is pertinent to mention here that higher semester students of B. Tech. programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering have been taught at the Department till 2017 as the Engineering College at Zakura Campus was in its initial stage of development. The Department has played a vital role in starting the key education centers of the University.

The Department has as many as 14 state-of-the-art fully equipped laboratories, 4 ICT enabled classrooms, and a rich library housing more than 9000 books. Besides electronic components/ICs of different kinds worth more than Rs. 10 lacs, the Department has equipment worth more than Rs. 9 crores. The Department has established collaborations with several International and National Institutions and conducts events such as seminars, conferences, workshops, and summer training courses regularly.

The faculty has strengthened many areas of research especially Analog Integrated Circuits, Secure Message Communication, Nano-Electronics, Computer Network Security, and Digital Forensics. Since its inception, the faculty members of the Department have published nearly 600 research papers in Journals and Conferences of repute.

The Department has mobilized over Rs. 80 lacs through 8 research projects, Rs. 75 lacs from UGC, under its SAP program, and Rs. 20 lacs from DST under its FIST scheme. In addition, the Department has mobilized a grant of over Rs. 1 Crore under the Vishweariah Ph.D. Scheme of Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. of India.

The Department is currently located in two blocks, in Science block, and in the Humanities block spanning over a carpet area of 25,000 sqft. It has over 250 enrolled scholars and students pursuing Ph.D., MPhil and  M. Sc. Electronics  programmes. The Department started M. Tech. programme in Embedded Systems and Solutions from the academic year 2016-2017.

The mission of the Department includes:

a) To create new knowledge by engaging in cut-edge research and to promote academic growth by offering state-of-art programmes;

b) To engage in research and development work opportunities for long-term interaction with academic institutions and industry;

c) To develop human potential fully so that intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted leaders can emerge in a range of professions;

d) To develop academic integrity and accountability;

e) To train and develop students to be good and able citizens, capable of making a significant contribution towards meeting the developmental needs and priorities of the Nation; and,  

f) To inculcate in students moral values and leadership qualities, such that they shall always uphold and promote a high social order and be ready and willing to work for the emancipation of the poor, the needy and the underprivileged.

The Department has in last two years (2019-2021) procured various Hardware/Software that includes:

  • Cadence Virtuso Suite (VLSI Design, Circuit Simulation, etc.);
  • Matlab (Signal/Image processing, Communication, etc.);
  • Access Data Forensic Tool Kit (Digital Investigation);
  • Three high-end Dell Servers/Workstations
  • FRED Workstation;
  • One L3 & three L2 Switches,
  • Networking in labs & Internetwork with other labs through Fiber;
  • Computer Systems & other accessories
  • Silvaco TCAD Material and Device Software
  • ARM Keil MDK Pro 100 Licence from ARM
  • DS 5 Pro 100 Licence from ARM
  • Software Defined Radio
  • FPGA Kits & Boards
  • Embedded Development Boards (Cortex M, PIC and ATMega)
  • T&M Measuring Equipment
  • Microwave Network Analyser 44GHz
  • Anechoic Test chamber
  • Integrated DSP laboartory kits
  • BER Equipment
  • Impedance Analyser

The Department has planned to undertake the following course of action in the current financial year:

  • SMART CLASSROOM/LAB: To permit the conduct of classes for some selected courses by subject experts from within and outside the country. Some spadework has already been done in this regard;
  • Setup a Modular Electronics Laboratory:
  • Conduct Executive, Faculty Development and inter-University Exchange Programmes
  • Undertake spadework to organize COMMUNE 2020: Seeking Technical Sponsorship of IEEE, Scopus
  • Create a Society: Working on the Creation of Sub-Section of IEEE and CSI at the University of Kashmir
  • publish Information cum Placement Brochure: Working on Information cum Placement Brochure for wider publicity of the facilities in the Department and well as for the M. Tech. ESS and M. Sc. Pass out Students.
  • Faculty Recruitment both unfilled positions and seek more positions.