Short Term/Workshops/Summer Training Courses

The Department has been organizing workshops, short-term courses and summer training programs on contemporary topics in electronics as and when possible. The Department has acquired some high-end equipment such as FRED workstation, FTK software, Cadence software, Atlas Silvaco, Software Defined Radio (SDR), IoT equipment, and other equipment under various sponsored projects including SAP program of the UGC. The said equipment is rare and is available only at limited institutions of the country. The Department in 2018-2019 shall conduct the following workshops/Short Term Course/Practical Training Courses: A) Digital Forensics; B) Training on Internet of Things; C) Communication Systems and Antenna Design using Cadence; D) Digital, Analog and Mixed IC Design; E) Digital Image Processing Using Matlab; and F) Basic Electronics Training for College and +2 Lecturers. The duration of each workshop/STC/PTC shall be of 6 working days (from 10:30AM to 4:30PM) comprising of a total of 24 sessions (theory and laboratory). The details such as course fee and course of study shall be made available when the course is announced.

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