M. Sc. (Electronics)

The rapid advances of the global information age are to a very large extent due to advances in modern electronics. Electronics expertise gives economies, countries and industries the competitive edge in the world’s economy. M. Sc. Electronics Programme is a unique course started by University of Kashmir in 1985 to promote research and teaching in diverse domains of electronics. It is designed to suit in a distinct way the requirements of Electronics industry in the country with emphasis on research and development unlike pure engineering and engineering technology programmes. Engineering programs often focus on theory and conceptual design, while engineering technology programs usually focus on application and implementation. Electronic Science subject is developed with a focus on bridging the gap between Science and Engineering and Technology. M. Sc. Electronics programme caters to the need for electronics personnel in the R & D sector of Government organizations, teaching, public sector, and private sector units of the country. This M.Sc. programme provides a broad understanding of contemporary electronics giving expertise in the design, simulation and construction of electronic devices and systems. It also allows for a flexible approach to studying electronics allowing you to tailor your M. Sc. to fit your interests.

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